Wednesday, August 29, 2012

High interest rates

High / best interest or deposit rates of Pakistani banks.

1. Habib bank limited:        10.25% for one year period on "HBL advantage account" with minimum account balance of Rs. 25,000.

2. Standard Chartered bank:    8.5% for one year period on "rupee term deposit".

3. Muslim commercial bank:     7.35%  for one year period on "PKR term deposit". 

4. KASB bank ltd:          6.0% per annum on daily balance basis paid every month on balance below 100,000 and 7% per annum on balance above 100,000 on "Mahana  khazana"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Famous South Korea’s Samsung Electronics said Tuesday that it had launched a super-size version of its Galaxy Note smartphone, the latest salvo in its battle with Apple for the multi-billion-dollar handheld market worldwide.
The smartphone Galaxy Note 10.1 which went on sale on Monday in Germany and the UAE is almost twice as wide as its predecessor and nearly the size of a tablet.
The release comes as Samsung tries to make inroads in the tablet pc market which is currently dominated by Apple’s iPad. The two technology giant companies are also engaged in a  court battle over patent infringements.
The firm said that the new Note would be officially released in the US on August 15,2012 and sometime next week in GB and South Korea.
This new Galaxy Note 10.10 – powered by Google’s Android software – features a touchscreen which is 10.10-inches measured diagonally, a lot wider than the 5.30-inch screen of the previous Note.
Like its predecessor, it comes with a stylus called the “S pen” to write notes or draw on the screen. The new version allows users to split the screen into half to view two programs at one time.
The new device is equipped with a quad-core processor that allows users to run multiple applications faster than the previous version, which had a dual-core processor.
“The advanced technology and features included in Galaxy Note 10.1 give users the power to produce, create and customise communications,” JK Shin, the chief of Samsung’s mobile unit said.
Samsung — the world’s largest smartphone maker by shipments – in November introduced the first version of its Galaxy Note, a device positioned between its flagship Galaxy S smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablet computers.
“The Note 10.1 is practically a new tablet PC that comes with a stylus pen, which the iPad doesn’t have,”.