Friday, November 28, 2014


Pakistan has developed a special weapon to fight hidden terrorists. Pakistan army has successfully conducted operation Zar-b-Azb and this sniper rifle will remind of those successes. This rifle has been developed by Pakistan Ordinance Factories.
Chairman POF Lt.Gen. Ahsan Mehmood told the media that this rifle M. R. Azb will be introduced and exhibited in defense exhibition IDEAS 2014 which will be held in the first week of  December in Karachi.
He said that our sniper rifle is better than other such rifles in the world and it has capability to hit the enemy whether he is hiding in crowd or a cave or in the cover of walls and buildings. It an hit him while keeping other people safe and sound.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


A very famous magazine of medical science POST MEDICAL JOURNAL has recently published its research in which it says that instead of counting our calories we should eat vegetables, fruit, olive oil and dry fruit instead of fast foods and other unhealthy diets. This not only helps us reduces the chances of heart diseases and stroke but also controls our weight. According to this research this type of diet  reduces our weight fast as compared to low fat diets. The editorial also warns about the danger of fasting as it causes malnutrition . Diet rich in fruits and vegetables is full of anti-oxidants which help to be young, active and healthy.
The research reveals that vegetables, fruit, olive oil and nuts not only reduces weight but lowers cholesterol three times faster than cholesterol lowering medicines and such diet helps in reducing weight faster. Scientists have urged British Health ministry to provide these foods in hospitals.

Monday, November 24, 2014


* Hazara Motorway will be 60 km long.
* It will connect Havelian in Abbottabad(KPK) to Burhan, Hasanabadal in Punjab.
* It will be four lane motorway.
* It will cut short travelling time to Islamabad by 30 minutes.
* It will be built with the cost of 32 billion rupees.
* PM Nawaz Sharif  inaugurated its construction work on 29th November,2014.
* It is part of Pak China economic corridor that will be built from China to Gawadar.

Friday, November 21, 2014

IFC to invest $67m in Bank Alfalah Limited

                 International Finance Corporation has completed financial due diligence of Bank Alfalah Limited to acquire its share worth of $67.10 million. It has signed an agreement with Alfalah Limited to acquire 20% strategic in the Bank to increase access to finance in Pakistan(good omen for investors). IFC will initially subscribe to 15% of the Bank’s overall stakes against the share price of Rs 28.00, the official statement said.
                  In September,14 SBP allowed IFC to commence due diligence of Bank Alfalah for the purpose of considering the possibility of strategic minority investment in the Bank. The final approval of SBP is required by IFC before taken over its granted control over the Bank. IFC’s plans to invest in the Bank are encouraging for the banking industry as a whole witnessing competition and expansion as well. The banking industry remained profitable (more than 40% profitability increase)despite global financial crisis. No bank in Pakistan failed but some small banks still face problems of growth and sustainability, though thousands of banks were closed globally in the aftermath of global financial crisis.
                     Net interest margins are around 6% in Pakistan while in most of the world they are very low. secondly banks have recently invested heavily in PIBs which give better returns and thirdly lending to private sector is increasing and GDP growth is expected to increase in coming years. Successful operation by the army is helping improve law and order which will result in better growth in the economy. Keeping in view these factors IFC might have decided to invest in BAFL.