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Monday, September 26, 2011

Water wasted of Pakistani rivers into Arabian Sea

 Pakistan had wasted 105 Million Acre Feet (MAF) of rain and flood water into Arabian Sea last year, 2010, because of lack of water reservoirs and awareness among the people to save and utilize precious water resource . This water was manifold more than the capacity of Tarbela Dam and depicted a grim picture of the situation.
Water both for drinking and irrigation may become a big problem in the future as the demand is growing but no new water reservoirs are imminent and the already available water reservoirs are losing their capacity continuously . Pakistan and India go to war if they could not solve their differences over the water of the rivers that flow from India into Pakistan.
This was stated by Professor Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan VC University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) while addressing the inaugural ceremony of a project on “Social research to foster effective collaboration and strengthen pro-poor values” at New Senate Hall UAF here on Thursday.
The function was organized by the Department of Rural Sociology UAF in collaboration with Agriculture Sector Linkage Program .

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moonis Elahi , Corruption and money laundering in NICL scam

 National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) scam has taken a new turn as its chief investigator Add. DG FIA Zafar Ahmed Qureshi in his fortnight report submitted before the Supreme Court has stated that money was laundered in the mega corruption scandal and Moonis Elahi, one of the accused, was allegedly involved in it.
Additional Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency  Zafar Ahmed Qureshi on September 22, 2011 had submitted the progress report of the investigations conducted so far in this case before the Supreme Court on the earlier directives.
The report has not yet been signed by the DG of the Federal Investigation Agency  Tahseen Anwar Shah.
The  report consists of 250 pages and reveals that Mr. Moonis Elahi, MPA Punjab Assembly and son of PML-Q leader as well as Federal Minister Ch. Pervez Elahi, has laundered the money in the land purchase scam of NICL to break the trail of Rs 320 million that he allegedly benefitted from the multi-billion-rupee scandal. These Rs 320 million were deposited in various bank accounts of Mr Elahi and his wife Tehreem  during the NICL’s purchase of land.

This was the reason that PMLQ joined the government to save Moonis as they were very much against joing the govt and did not join it for three years then thier weakness came in the hands of Zardari and he is the evil genius to play such games. The govt tried to not to let Zafar Qureshi to investigate the case but they had to as the SC was very determined to fight corruption for which it needs great appreciation.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kishanganga dam , International Court of Arbitration orders India to stop construction

International Court of Arbitration  (ICJ) has stopped India from continuing construction of Kashanganga dam on application of Pakistan . India has been barred from permanent construction . The Court  stopped India to build construction on point of Kishanganga on Neelum river because it may obstruct the flow of the river.

How much population of Pakistan is affected by Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C had affected 10 million people in Pakistan.
Treatment of the disease is costly especially impoted drugs are three times more expensive.
Currently the treatment cost 300,000 rupess but now it will come down to 100,000 .
CEO BF bioscience , Osman Khalid Waheed told on the inauguration of the company.
The company is a joint venture of Ferozesons Pakistan ltd and Bago Group of Argentine.
It has been set up in Lahore at Sunder Road, Raiwind.

BF Bioscience pharmaceutical , Lahore

 Punjab Chief Minister Main Shahbaz Sharif and Argentine Ambassador to Pakistan Rodolfo Martin Saravia inaugurated the new corporate office of the bio-pharmaceutical company BF Bioscience, the first joint venture of Argentina and Pakistan, at Sunder Road, Raiwind, Lahore on Friday. It will create jobs for our employed youth.

BF Bioscience is a joint venture of Ferozsons Laboratories Pakistan Ltd and Bago Group of Argentine, is Pakistan’s first biotech pharmaceutical company and manufacturer of medicines to treat Hepatitis C and cancer patients. These drugs were previously being imported into Pakistan from other countries of the world and were around three times costly. The company has been established with a total investment of Rs 1 billion. It will also help reduce impot bill and precious foreign exchange of the nation which is badly needed at this time.

Import tariff rationalization plan , PAAPAM criticizes govt

Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts Accessories Manufacturers incoming central chairman has said the IMF-planted policy makers at federal level who have nothing to do with the local industry, want to impose the ‘import tariff rationalization’ plan, which will ruin the whole domestic economy and industry.
Talking to the newspaper The Nation, the PAAPAM Punjab chairman said that following the imposition of the so called ‘import tariff rationalization’ there would be no manufacturing or employment generation activity in Pakistan. He said that the IMF-planted high planners of the unfortunate nation wants that local industrialists should close their heavy investment incentive establishments and simply import Completely Built Units.
He further said that it is easier to import CBUs than investing billions of rupees in infrastructure development, transfer of technology and management of huge production plants with highly technically skilled human resource. Such options would completely destroy the engineering base of the country, he added.
Reacting to the recommendations of a foreign Consultancy firm, Gary Persul, to introduce blanket import tariff in Pakistan, he said it would be devastating for the local industry.
He said that the recommendations of the so-called Australian expert being imposed, ignoring the ground realities in Pakistan. “To have no checks on imports, drastically lower import tariffs, no specific duties, no classification between manufacturing and import and no licenses for import and export are few examples from the recommendations which are going to completely wipe out the manufacturing base in the country,” he said.
Meanwhile, Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association has said that existing investment in Pakistan is under great threat and the investors may seek relocations of their plants. The hostile and harmful policies of the government will not attract any new investor in the country despite driving away the potential investors, spokesman of PAMA sai. He further added that the government is itself the biggest loser of import relaxations as it is letting massive country’s reserves as on an average a CBU vehicle consumes twice foreign exchange as compared to CKD operations.
He cited an example of New Zealand when in 2000, on the recommendation of an Australian team, similar sort of decision was taken which brought the local production at zero level and completely devastated its local Auto industry. He said that instead of facilitating investment in infrastructure and employment generating activities like manufacturing the govt seems bent upon supporting an anti-industry lobby thus turning the country into a trading economy rather than becoming a manufacturing economy which ensures job, business, revenue, skill and infrastructural development.
He said that the report by the Australian expert and its data was not shared with local stakeholders including the automotive manufacturers and the report is not even placed on the website of the planning commission of Pakistan which clearly shows that there is something fishy which the government wants to hide from the public.
It will not only be a loss to national kitty but more than 2 million local youth will be left unemployed besides the loss of billions of dollars investment at the plants of OEMs and associated vendor industries, he warned the high-ups. He urged them to refrain from implementing such policies that will make our nation a trading economy only but encourage and protect the local  industry instead which could save a huge foreign exchange.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Karachi Port Trust on expansion

PM Yusuf Raza Gilani inaugurated newly added on its expansion plans the berth no 12 to 14 of KPT here on Friday and said that this will attract additional shipping carrying thousands of cargo load.
This expansion, he said, would give boost to the maritime trade of Pakistan.
Gillani also said that in highly competitive environment in global shipping, it had become imperative that our ports kept pace with other ports of the world and the country to ensure its stay in the business of shipping.He stressed upon the need for the KPT to improve the quality of services further at the port while handling the ships.
He recalled that he inaugurated the Pakistan Deep Water Container Port to accommodate deep draft mother ships. The present  government, he said, encouraged the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works to regain its glory by showing commendable performance.
He expressed his satisfaction over the progress being made by the Karachi Shipyard.
The Prime Minister also expressed his happiness over the induction of state-of-the art powerful tugs acquired from  Turkey.
The Induction of these tugs, he added, will surely enable the port to handle even larger ships and facilitate modern and efficient means of cargo handling, which is an important component of competitive edge in business.

Cosmic speed limit broken by Neutrino

One of the very pillars of physics and Einstein’s theory of relativity – that nothing can go faster than the speed of light – has been rocked by new findings from one of the world’s foremost laboratories, CERN.
European researchers said that they clocked a sub atomic particle a neutrino going faster than the 186,282 miles per second that has long been considered the cosmic speed limit so far.
The claim was met with skepticism by other renowned physicists , with one outside physicist calling it the equivalent of saying you have a flying carpet. In fact, the researchers themselves are not ready to proclaim a discovery and are asking other physicists to independently try to verify their findings.
“The feeling that most people have is this can’t be right, this can’t be real,” said James Gillies, a spokesman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, which provided the particle accelerator that sent neutrinos on their breakneck 454-mile trip underground from Geneva to Italy.
CERN reported that a neutrino beam fired from a particle accelerator near Geneva to a lab 454 miles away in Italy traveled 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light. Scientists calculated the margin of error at just 10 nanoseconds. A nanosecond is one-billionth of a second.
Anyhow it is necessary to conduct futher experiments to verify the findings.

Dr. Tariq Ali Bangash , lecture at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation on historic achievement

Dr. Tariq is the person who directed Pakistan’s first successful cadaver liver transplant at Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore and made a history.
His inspiring lecture was organised by Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT).He said that Dr. Adeeb Rizvi has always been his inspiration and his father always encouraged him to be like Dr. Rizvi and nothing else. He said that Dr. Rizvi also did the homework of the first cadaver liver transplant in our country.
Cadaveric liver transplant is a process in which  liver of a deceased person is transferred into a patient who needs it . In this case, the liver was donated by Arsalan, a student o matric and belongs to Lahore. He had been wounded and was admitted to the SZ hospital three days before the transplantation and had asked his parents to donate his liver in the case of his death.
On August 13, 2011, Pakistani media highlighted the first successful attempt of a liver transplant. A team of professional doctors led by Dr. Tariq retrieved the liver at 3:30 pm; the transplant operation started at 9:00 pm and ended successfully at 5:00 am.
The recipient was some  Amir Raza, a 40 years old businessman from Sialkot city.

From KP to Leeds UK
Dr. Tariq Bangash belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KP) and did his MBBS in the year 1996. He then worked with nine experts on nine different liver transplantation approaches in Leeds UK, which is now the largest transplant center in Europe, receiving up to 450 liver recipients a year.
It's really a great achievement as the people of Pakistan will not ahve to go abroad for liver transplantation and majority of the patients can't afford expensive treatment abroad.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ishaq Dar's scandal , Harbanspura shady land deal

Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz has criticized the CM for snubbing Anti-Corruption Establishment for including the name of Ishaq Dar's in the FIR of an alleged fraudulent land deal . The land is in Harbanspura Lahore measuring 261 kanal owned by  a woman. The opposition leader demanded that ACE should not be pressurized and that there be a free and investigation into the matter.

Which country is Pakistan's largest trading partner?

 United States of America continues to be  largest trading partner of Pakistan.Bilateral trade between the two countries has doubled over the last ten year to $5.30 billion per annum. Pakistan’s exports to US increased by 17 % to reach $3.175 billion till 30th April 2011 as compared to the corresponding period of 2010. It is expected that Pakistan’s total exports to USA would be about $4.2 billion during the last financial year.

Mortality rate of dengue fever patients

Though the dengue fever can be fatal and proper treatment and care is needed
 in the hospital for all the patients yet some people may die due to complications.
 The mortality rate in dengue affected people is just 0.02%  which is very very low
 as compared to the hype created in the media and the minds of the general public.
 This does not mean that we should become careless in prevention and treatment
 because if precautions are  not taken then it can become epidemic and kill a lot
 a lot more people than expected.

New petroleum policy for oil and gas exploration companies of Pakistan

As the nation is facing a severe energy crisis, the govt of Pakistan has therefore decided to offer an additional incentive of 67% higher price on domestic oil production and up to 33% on gas production to speed up exploration of oil and gas resources in the country.
It has been learnt that the govt would offer up to $2/MMCF for offshore and shale gas discoveries over and above the existing $6/MMCF conventional gas producer price to encourage fresh investments in difficult gas structures.
According to the sources, the fresh incentives were cleared by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani during a meeting with Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain on Tuesday. The incentives would be announced in three weeks after formal approval by the Council of Common Interests and the federal cabinet.
Under the new policy, the government will give an additional $1 per MMCF on first three offshore discoveries in addition to the existing producer price of about $6 per MMCF. Likewise, an additional incentive of $2 per MMCF will be given on first three discoveries of shale gas over and above the price available to conventional producer companies.
Gas utilities will be responsible for laying gas pipelines from the processing plant at the wellhead gas field to the main transmission system to reduce the investment required for work by exploration and development companies working in Pakistan.
At the moment gas producer companies are required to lay gas pipeline from the wellhead to the transmission system. As a result, almost half of the investment goes to the pipeline instead of gas production. Small gas producers find it economically unviable to lay the pipeline and instead abandon their production and development plans.
The new petroleum policy has increased the floor on oil production from the existing $30 to $50 per barrel.
Under the new policy, gas utility companies — SSGC and SNGP — will invest in pipelines and their expenditures will be made part of tariff and recovered from end consumers by  OGRA.

The new policy also seeks to reduce appraisal period for gas discoveries from two years to one year and exploratory period from nine years to six years. It allows gas producers to sell 10% gas of their production directly to consumers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Killing of two brothers Mughees and Muneeb by mob in Sailkot , case decided

 In a landmark decision, an anti-terrorism court today handed down four times death punishment to seven accused and life imprisonment to six others in Sialkot case in which two brothers Mughees and Muneeb were brutally murdered  by the mob  in full public view in August last year.
Ten policemen, including DPO Waqar Chohan, were also awarded 3 years in jail.
The court has dispensed justice and fulfilled the hopes of the people that no one is above the law and no body has authority to take law in his own hands. The accused have always right to defend themselves and no body has the authority to take this right from them and everybody is innocent unless proven otherwise. 
It was a case of gross negligence on the part of police to discharge its duty to protect the lives of the people and secondly police did not even register the FIR of the deceased at first and the apex court had to intervene by a suo moto notice that the case was registered.
The decision has put the confidence in the whole nation that this is a new Pakistan where it is no more easy to snatch the rights from the poor and the weak and that we have a very vibrant and free judiciary that can come forward to protect the rights of the people where state will fail to fulfill its obligation.
Media is specially appreciatable that it is playing a very positive role for the rights of the people especially the deprived ones.

Tea consumption in Pakistan , per capita per annum , 2011

Pakistan is among those countries of the world
which consume very high quantity of black tea , may be the 
only country  .Per capita tea
consumption has reached to 1. kg per annum in the country.
Almost all the tea is imported which amounted to
$301 million in 2010-11 and very precious foreign
exchange is spent on this import while on the other hand
we can produce tea ourselves but due to gross neligence
of the government we have not been able to produce it so far.

Start of Hajj flights , 2011

The first Hajj flight , carrying pilgrims to the holy land to perform their
religious duty,would leave Lahore on Oct 1 at 3.45pm and about 38,000
pilgrims would leave Lahore for the holy pilgrimage this year ,2011,
 Ministry of Religious Affairs Additional Secretary Arshad Bhatti informed
 the participants of the training programme.Vaccinations and training will
start on Monday at Hajji Camp Lahore.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cement manufacturing companies in Pakistan

 Al- Abbas cement
Attock cemnet
Bestway cement
Cherat cement
DG Khan cement
Dadabhoy cement
Dewan cement
 Fauji cement
 Fecto cement
 Flying cement
Gharibwal cement
 Hydery cement
Javedan cement
 Kohat cement
 Lafrage cement
 Lucky cement
 Maple leaf cement
Pioneer cement

Cement price in Pakistan , 2011

Current cement prices have increased by 27% over the last year of 2010. Cement manufacture companies are facing high coal prices , increase in power tariff therefore the prices are surging. The cement industry as a whole has suffered heavy losses in the recent past due to supply glut but increase in prices have helped them a lot to come out of crisis.  
All pakistan cement manufacturers  association still thinks that price are low to overcome the crisis completely .

Rs 321 per bag in September 2010
Rs 410 per bag in September 2011
Price in Karachi Rs 378 , lowest
Price in quetta Rs 450 , highest
Source FBS

Pakistani money in Swiss banks

Director Swiss Bank has said that Pakistan has 97 billion dollars in  Banks of Switzerland  and the messages being sent on the cell phones are without Director Swiss Bank’s name. Director Swiss Bank said ‘Pakistani people are poor but Pakistan is not a poor country’.
He further stated that 97 billion dollars of Pakistan is deposited in respective bank and if this money would be utilised for the welfare of Pakistan and its people then Pakistan can make tax free budget for next 30 years to come.
The director further claimed that Pakistan can create more than 60 million jobs with this money, can carpet four lanes roads to Islamabad from any village of the country, endless electric power supply to 500 social projects, every citizen can get Rs 20,000 salary for the next 60 years and there is no need to seek IMF and any World Bank loans to run the country. (Published in The Nation)

It is irony of fate that our corrupt politicians looted this country and even did not deposit this booty in Pakistani banks so that this nation could get any benefit from this. The top corrupt person who has the most and proven money in the Swiss banks is our president now.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foreign direct investment in Pakisatn , since 2006

Chairman of Board of Investment (BoI) Saleem Mandviwala has said that despite global economic slow down and recessionary trends, Pakistan has received $18 billion Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) since the year 2006. Mandviwala was delivering his speech at the American Business Council (ABC) Economic Summit 2011.
It is encouraging but it should also be noted that FDI is showing declining trends after 2008 because of slow down in Pakistan economy, terrorism , floods , law and order in Karachi, power and gas shortage.

Pakistan's ranking on Global Competitiveness Index , 2011

 Chairman of Board of Investment (BoI) Saleem Mandviwala has said that this year Pakistan improved five ranks on Global Competitiveness Index by securing rank of 118 out of 142 countries of the world. Although this rank is not laudable and a lot more needs to be done but one should be optimistic as well, “still we feel we are in right direction and must work hard to improve our standards,” Mandviwala further added. In 2007, Goldman Sachs included Pakistan in ‘Next 11’ emerging economies of the world that after BRIC countries i-e Brazil, Russia ,India & China, would be big part of global GDP by 2050.
This is an encouraging side which most of the cynical people ignore. 

Type of dengue

Dengue fever is caused by biting of a particular female infected mosquito,Aedes.
 The virus has four types.
Dengue fever can be dangerous but normally death is one among thousand
which can further be reduced if proper timely treatment is given. 
The most dangerous of them is DHF.Hospitalization in intensive care is must for those patients
 who develop dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome. Most healthy people
 who suffer from dengue  will recover in about two weeks but full recovery may take more than a month.
Permanent solution to the problem is to kill the larva/eggs of this kind of mosquito because it transmit virus to the next generation. It will help curb the 
problem in coming years. On the other hand spray across big areas of population is required and all stagnant water be spotted and removed,sprayed or filled.
Mosquito repellents should also be used to avoid mosquito bites.
Consult the doctor immediately if you develop any symptoms like fever,headaches,pain behind eyes,loss of appetite,joint pain, nausea, vomiting etc.
Dengue attack timings, 6.00AM-9.00AM and 4.00PM-10.00PM

Who is HEC chairman?

 HEC Chairman is Dr Javaid R. Laghari 
while HEC ED is Dr Sohail Naqvi

National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC), business schools accreditation urged

Appreciating the initiatives taken by the National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) for improvement of the quality of business education in the country, Higher Education Commission Chairman Dr Javaid R. Laghari has emphasised the need to further enhance the efforts of NBEAC and advised business schools across the country to immediately seek accreditation through it.

In his meeting with NBEAC Chairman Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, HEC chairman emphasized  the need to synchronise the roadmaps of various degree programmes from undergraduate to Ph.D level for smooth transition of the students. He also highlighted the need for teaching faculty development for increasing the quality of classroom instructions and industrial linkages.

It was agreed during the meeting that the MBA degree should be considered in principle as a 2 years degree and minimum requirement for admission should be 16-year education. Those entering into the MBA programme with prior education in business administration would be provided with waiver of upto 15 credit hours while those joining from non-business undergraduate education would undergo two-year studies including summer sessions if necessary. Similarly, students with 14-year education should be offered admission into other degree programmes to facilitate them converting into 16-year bachelor degree.

This effort is really appreciatable and it will help make things better in business education in Pakistan.

Supreme Court and fundamental rights- are suo motu notices under article 184(3) of the Constitution useful

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Saturday said Article 184(3) of the Constitution mandated it to take up cases of violation of fundamental rights, anywhere inside the country,that are guaranteed by the Constitution — a jurisdiction which it enjoyed along with all high courts in Pakistan.

In response to a statement made by the International Commission of Jurists , SC Registrar Dr Faqir Hussain explained that the press conference by the member of the ICJ appeared to be based on some miscomprehension, perhaps ignorance, of the constitutional provisions and case law developed on the issue.

 Mr Stefan Trechsel, the visiting ICJ head said and urged at a news conference asking SC to exercise restraint in taking up cases on suo motu basis because very frequent use of this procedure could endanger the rule of law. He had stressed that there was a need for transparency in allocation of such cases to different benches.

The statement issued by the Supreme Court registrar recalled that the procedure for processing suo motu cases was prescribed in Order XXV of the Supreme Court Rules, 1980; besides, he added, the issue had long been settled by the Supreme Court in successive judgments, including in the case of Ms Benazir Bhutto versus Federation of Pakistan (PLD 1988 SC 416). In that judgment, the statement said, the apex court while interpreting Articles 184(3) and 199 of the Constitution had observed that the procedural trappings and limitations of Article 199 (1)(a) and (1)(c) (meaning requirements of aggrieved party, locus standi, etc) did not apply to the SC, while exercising powers under Article 184(3) of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Thus, the court has entertained petitions, complaints and had taken up matters of suo motu, in cases of violation of fundamental rights, the statement said. The constitutional provision and the case law developed on the subject are very clear , therefore, when a fit case is filed or comes to the notice of the competent court , the court cannot abdicate its constitutional obligation; it has to entertain the case in the interest of rule of law and rights of the people.
After registration of any such case, it is fixed before benches of the court for decision and the parties to the case and other persons involved/ interested in the matter can appear before it, he said. At times, the court also appoints amicus curie for  assistance or a committee or a commission can also be set up for inquiry and report.

The people across the country  are generally appreciative of the exercise of such jurisdiction by the Supreme Court because it grants relief to aggrieved , especially the poor and underprivileged sections of the nation, executive’s wrongs are corrected and billions  misappropriated are recovered from the corrupt, the SC Registrar further clarified.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gap between generation cost and sale revenue of electricity in Pakistan

Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr Nadeem ul Haque told
 while talking about IMF conditionalities that the quantum of tariff increase
 required to be introduced in case reforms failed to progress because the power
 sector’s financing gap stood at about Rs250 billion this year.

JSQM chairman Bashir Qureshi sent to jail

The head of the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM)along with an aide was sent to jail on Friday on judicial remand for 14 days in case of possessing illegal weapons.
The court also released another aide of JSQM chairman Bashir Qureshi on a personal bond.
Sindh Rangers detained the JSQM chairman along with his two aides — Shiraz Ahmed Subhani and Badruddin — on Thursday near his Gulshan-i-Hadeed residence and claimed to have found unlicensed weapons in their possession.
The police brought the nationalist leader and other suspects in an armoured personnel carrier (APC) to district courts, Malir and produced
them before the court of Judicial Magistrate (Malir) Abdul Qayyum Syed on Friday.
The police submitted the remand papers and informed the court about the detention of the suspects and recovery of the weapons.
However, the defence counsel submitted that the police had not produced the recovered weapons in court, which was the violation of Section 172 (dairy of proceedings in investigations) of the criminal procedure code.
Arguing that all the weapons found in the possession of the suspects were legal, the defence also produced some documents before the court which they claimed were the licences and permits of the weapons found in the custody of the suspects.
They prayed to the court to release the accused under Section 63 (discharge of person apprehended) of the CrPC.
The court observed that it had no authority to release the JSQM chief and suspect Badruddin under the said section since heavy weapons including sub-machine guns were recovered from the accused.
The magistrate observed that it was a sessions trial and sent the JSQM chief and his one aide to prison on 14-day judicial remand.
The court released suspect Shiraz on a personal bond of Rs50,000, as according to the FIR only a pistol was found in his possession. The suspect was directed to appear in court on the next date.
The magistrate ordered the police to verify the documents produced by the defence lawyers and submit a report on Sept 20.
The police also claimed that one of the permits of an SMG shown by the defence was highly doubtful since the number on the permit was not matching with the figures printed on the SMG.
According to the prosecution, the JSQM chief along with his two aides were taken into custody during snap checking near his house by the paramilitary soldiers, who allegedly found illicit weapons in their possession. Later on , weapons were also recovered from the residence of Qureshi, it added.
Two cases (FIR Nos.256/11 & 258/11) were registered against Bashir Qureshi under Sections 13-D and 13-E of the Pakistan Arms Ordinance, 1965 at the Steel Town police station, Karachi.
The police also lodged two FIRs (255/11 & 257/11) against Shiraz and Badr under Section 13-D of the Arms Ordinance.
Alot of JSQM party workers were present on the court premises and chanted slogans when the police produced him in court for remand.
Afterwards Quershi told reporters that he and his aides were carrying licensed weapons only.
He alleged that the Rangers and police had failed to take any action against real assassins and members of the extortion and land mafia, but were detaining innocent people like him  in a so-called surgical operation in the city.
Bashir criticised the ferderal govt and Interior Minister Rehman Malik specially for what he said providing shelter to criminals and killers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poverty in USA

One in six Americans are now living below poverty line, the Census Bureau revealed in a report made published on Wednesday, reflecting the adverse impact of economic crisis/slowdown on common man.
"The  official poverty rate in 2010 was 15.1%, up from 14.3% in the year 09 of the whole population - the third consecutive annual increase in the poverty rate," Census Bureau revealed in its report.
"There were 46.2 million Americans in poverty pool  in 2010, up from 43.6 million in the year 09 - the fourth consecutive annual increase and the largest number in the 52 years of recent past for which poverty estimates have been published," it added.
These figures are contained in the report 'Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the country.
The US govt defines the poverty line as income of USD 22,314 a year for a family of four and USD 11,139 for an  individual.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Who is chairman of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)?

Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)
is Zafar Iqbal Qadir . The authority is headquartered in federal 
capital of the country Islamabad. It deals with natural calamities 
caused by earthquakes , floods , cyclones , droughts etc.

Total exports of Pakistan 2011-12

Export target has been set by the govt of Pakistan for the
fiscal year 2011-12 and that is $ 26 billions. It seems achievable
as India has agreed to the EU proposal for Pakistani exports
to the Europe with tariff concessions. Last year 2010-11 total
exports were around $ 25 billions.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trade deficit of Pakistan 2011, 1st quarter

Pakistan’s trade deficit in the first quarter of this financial year from July to August has increased to $3.328 billion.This deficit in current fiscal year 2011-2012 is very higher against the $ 2.784 billion of the same period last year, Federal Bureau of Statistics reported on Saturday. 

Bramdagh Bugti , asylum vs extradition

Bramdagh Bugti head of  Baloch Republican Party (BRA) chief and grandson son of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti wants asylum in Switzerland. Govt of Pakistan  has asked the Swiss govt to reject the plea for political asylum made by him as he heads an outlawed Baloch rebel group, and extradite him to Pakistan.
The authorities have yet to hear from Berne about their request, but they say the initial response of the Swiss government was that of consideration.
He is 30 years old now and heads the separatist BRA and its militant wing, the Baloch Republican Army. He has been accused of attacks against settlers belonging to other communities in Balochistan, government installations and armed forces of the country.
The ‘proofs’ of his involvement in subversive activities have also been handed over to the Swiss authorities, an official added but when he was questioned by Swiss authorities he denied all allegations, a Western diplomat told and added that he was facing threats to his life in Pakistan because of his “support for the freedom of Balochistan , therefore he wants asylum”.
He is the second rebel leader whose asylum has been officially opposed by the govt. Pakistan had previously tried to block Hyrbyair Marri’s application for asylum in the UK but he succeeded in getting it this year 2011 after being initially rejected by Britian.
Bugti has been on the run since 2006 and initially took refuge in Afghanistan, where he stayed for almost four years. His stay in there sparked a diplomatic row between the two countries and Pakistan had been demanding his handover.
 UNHCR is also believed to have played an active role in facilitating his transfer to Switzerland via UAE.
According to a Pakistani security official Bugti traveled to Geneva on an Indian passport. The claim could, however, not be verified independently. Pakistan security agencies have long accused India of sponsoring his terrorist activities.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

conviction rate in Pakistan

Conviction rate of criminals in Pakistan is very very low when compared with other countries of the world even the developing ones. It is less than 10 percent. The following are the main reasons for this.
1. Police is very corrupt so the prosecution is very faulty, misleading , false , tilted and biased towards the briber.
2. Police is inefficient.
3. Police is not technologically well-equipped.
4. Police is not well trained in modern techniques of criminology and investigation.
5. Police is poorly selected, not well educated and poorly paid as well.
6. Flaws and leniency in criminal laws.
7. No security and secrecy of witnesses.

Total motorcycle production of Pakistan 2011

Currently Pakistan is producing 1.5 million motorcycles per annum but Pakistan
 is expected to carry this figure to 2 million mark in a year or a two. Though the
 economy of the country is suffering since 2008 as growth rate has dropped
 considerably but motorcycle industry has performed pretty well with an annual
growth rate of 15%.

Total cotton production of Pakistan 2011

It was estimated that this year i-e 2011 Pakistan will have a bumper 
crop of 15 million bales but due to flooding and heavy rains in cotton
 cultivating areas about 2 million bales have been destroyed.
 Now the officials estimates that we will grow about 13.5 million bales only.
 One bale is equal to 170 kgs or 378.8 lbs.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Supreme Court Bar Association elections 2011, candidates in the field

The annual elections of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) will be held on October 29, sources told.

Rasheed A Rizvi and Yaseen Azad, both from Sindh, will contest for the SCBA president’s slot and have started their election campaign strongly from now. 

Significance of the SCBA’s election has increased after the lawyers’ movement because the lawyers have emerged as the strong pressure group in Pakistani political arena. The govt wants to elect a president who does not give it tough time on the matter of non-implementation of the SC’s decisions and judgements passed so far especially on NRO and NICL cases.

The People’s Lawyers Forum, which is the lawyers’ wing PPP and incumbent SCBA President Asma Jahangir are supporting Yasin Azad. 

On the other hand, Hamid Khan Group, which is known as pro-judiciary, has nominated Rasheed A Rizvi for the presidential slot.

Both the sides seem strong and the contest seems to be very tough.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Number of seats in medical colleges of KP

The Khyber Medical College (KMC), Peshawar has 250 seats.
 Ayub Medical College (AMC) Abbottabad has 200 seats.
 Khyber Girls Medical College has 50 seats.
 Saidu Medical College (SMC) Swat 50 seats.
 Gomal Medical College (GMC), Dear Ismail Khan has 50 seats .
 Bacha Khan Medical College Mardan has 50 seats.

Bacha Khan medical college Charsadda

KP govt has planned to set up a medical college in Charsadda  to cope with the increasing number of students in the province, according to officials.
They told that the new medical college, to be named after great freedom fighter Bacha Khan, would cost 230 million rupees.

Charsadda had already a district headquarters hospital but health department would need to build a new 150-bed hospital before applying for registration of the college with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), it was added.

Last year 2010, the eight medical colleges had enrolled 152 extra students against the sanctioned seats of 600 because  number of students are constantly rising.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Broadband penetration in Pakistan

Currently the broadband penetration in the country is at 0.57, it is predicted that broadband penetration by 2020 will reach to 10 subscribers per 100 persons.

Broadband subscription is increasing in Pakistan and it is estimated that there will be 9.5 million broadband subscribers by 2014.

Chinese as a compulsory subject in school of Sindh

 Sindh govt has decided to introduce Chinese language as a compulsory subject from class sixth in all schools in Sindh, including Cadet College, Petaro, from 2013.
Students passing SSC and higher-level exams with Chinese language will be eligible for foreign scholarships and training.
A meeting was held in which decision was taken which was presided over by CM Qaim Ali Shah at the Chief Minister`s House here on Sunday.
Senior Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq, Secretary General to the President Salman

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Endowment Fund for artists of KP

KP govt has set up an Endowment Fund to provide constant financial assistance to the aging artists, who showed excellence in different areas of art and culture.
“ Fund is being established as a part of series of projects, carrying an outlay of Rs60 million, initiated by the ANP-led coalition government to extend financial support to those , who did commendable work for development of local culture under official patronage,” an official said.
The directorate of culture was set up in 2008 with a view to revive the indigenous culture through various means. “The department will also receive a grant of Rs 30 million, which will be utilised to scale up arts activities,” officials associated with the programmes told.
Seed money of Rs 5 million had been placed at the disposal of bank and its profit would be utilised to help the sick and old artists on monthly basis.
This step is widely appreciated by the artist community.
The assistance is recognition on the part of govt of the services rendered by talented writers, stage and TV artists and poets. “It is an effort to extend financial help to them when they need it the most,” officials added.