Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Supreme Court Bar Association elections 2011, candidates in the field

The annual elections of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) will be held on October 29, sources told.

Rasheed A Rizvi and Yaseen Azad, both from Sindh, will contest for the SCBA president’s slot and have started their election campaign strongly from now. 

Significance of the SCBA’s election has increased after the lawyers’ movement because the lawyers have emerged as the strong pressure group in Pakistani political arena. The govt wants to elect a president who does not give it tough time on the matter of non-implementation of the SC’s decisions and judgements passed so far especially on NRO and NICL cases.

The People’s Lawyers Forum, which is the lawyers’ wing PPP and incumbent SCBA President Asma Jahangir are supporting Yasin Azad. 

On the other hand, Hamid Khan Group, which is known as pro-judiciary, has nominated Rasheed A Rizvi for the presidential slot.

Both the sides seem strong and the contest seems to be very tough.

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