Sunday, September 4, 2011

Endowment Fund for artists of KP

KP govt has set up an Endowment Fund to provide constant financial assistance to the aging artists, who showed excellence in different areas of art and culture.
“ Fund is being established as a part of series of projects, carrying an outlay of Rs60 million, initiated by the ANP-led coalition government to extend financial support to those , who did commendable work for development of local culture under official patronage,” an official said.
The directorate of culture was set up in 2008 with a view to revive the indigenous culture through various means. “The department will also receive a grant of Rs 30 million, which will be utilised to scale up arts activities,” officials associated with the programmes told.
Seed money of Rs 5 million had been placed at the disposal of bank and its profit would be utilised to help the sick and old artists on monthly basis.
This step is widely appreciated by the artist community.
The assistance is recognition on the part of govt of the services rendered by talented writers, stage and TV artists and poets. “It is an effort to extend financial help to them when they need it the most,” officials added.

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