Monday, May 14, 2012


*Umar Atta Bandyal is currently the chief justice of LHC.
*Chief justice Lahore High Court : Sheikh Azmat Saeed. He has given his willingness to be appointed as judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Justice Umar Atta Bandyal will be the next chief justice of High Court.
*15-05-2012:  69631 cases are pending before LHC and among these 27828 are writ petitions while intra-court appeals are 942. 3486 are tax review cases while criminal cases are 11254.
*2116 contempt of court cases are also pending.
*13-05-2012:Five new judges have been made permanent and have taken oath.. These include Justice Altaf Ibrahim Qureshi, Justice Abdul-Satar Asghar, Justice Mehmood Maqbool Bajwa, Justice Ameen-ud-Din Khan, Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti. After including these five now the number of permanent judges have reached 28.
*14-05-2012: Six judges among those who took oath 15 days ago have been posted at Multan while on at Rawalpindi bench. Those who have been posted at Multan include; Justice Sheikh Najmul Hassan, Justice Farukh Arfan Khan, Justice Mazhar Iqbal Sidhu, Justice Kazin Raza Shamsi, Justice Abdus-Sameeh Khan and Justice Shahid Waheed.
*Additional registrar LHC: Arshad Ahmed Rana.
*Court building is situated at GPO chowk at Mall Road

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Punjab Pakistan:
Different maps of Lahore for better understanding of its different aspects.
1. Town wise administrative division.
2. Ring road plan map of Lahore that shows most of the city and its important areas to be covered by the project.

3. Map of Pakistan that shows the position and location of Lahore.


* 12-05-2012: Convocation held at Patiala Block; 386 students got degrees. Among them 330 were MBBS students. Governor Punjab and Chancellor of the university Sardar Latif Khan Khosa was the chief guest .
*VC: Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam Khan.
*King Edward College has 151 years of remarkable history in health sciences education. t is rightly considered the best institution of the country imparting medical education.
*Situated near Neela Ghumbad and imparts post graduate medical education recognized globally as well.
*Advanced diagnostic lab has been set up at pathology department with amount of Rs. 50 million.
*All test are carried out on very less than market rates.
*Most modern tests facilty is available.
*Ten collection centres are being set up. One has been set up at the university.
*Lab got functional from May,2012.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


*Luxury tax:  2000 cc upto 3000 cc =  Rs. 200,000
                     3000 cc and above     =  Rs. 300,000
*11-05-2012: Registration of those vehicles whose owners have not paid  token tax will be suspended from 25th May, director excise.
*Main office at Farid Court house near family hospital Mozang.
*One more Office at Defence More. Registration at this office has been started.
*Only 118 big vehicles registered during last one and half year in Lahore, may be due to high late fee.
*Secretary:  Fawad Hassan Fawad.
*DG Excise and Taxation: Saeed Ahmed Nawaz.
*Director excise: Rizwan Sherwani.
*Revenue collection target for the year 2011-12 has been set at Rs. 16 billions but due to difficulties in collection it has been revised down to 14 billions.
*Department made a contract with Three M Company in 2006 for providing number plates for vehicles and motorcycles. Company will start providing number plates that were allegedly stolen from Department’s warehouse, from 20th May. Contract was cancelled with the company about six months ago.
*Department intends to set up two more registration offices will soon be opened one each at Shahdara and Tokar Naiz Bhaig.

Friday, May 11, 2012


*Head offie: Gulberg.
*Vice chairman: Haji Sharif.
*MD: Dr. Javed Iqbal.
* DMD Tasleem Sana-Ullah.
*DMD operations: Naveed Pervaiz. He has recently relinquished his charge due to some differences with MD. No new DMD operations has been appointed yet.
*Director finance: Naheed Gul Baloch.
*Director administration: Muhammad Irfan.
*It is sub department of LDA.
*Wasa has delayed the plan of Training and Research Academy due to financial constraints as the contractors have been unable to pay their dues. Currently training center is at Gulshan Ravi which was intended to be upgraded.
*14-05-2012: Wasa has invited applications for the post of 49 in total of directors, deputy directors , assistant directors  by 23rd May.
*15-05-2012: Date for submission of applications has been extended to 17th June and NTS exam date has been extended to 29th June for appointment of 3 directors, 15 deputy directors and 31 assistant directors.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


*UET student Moeed Riaz has stood third in international Car Designing Competition held in Dubai. He deserves great applause and congratulations to him on this great achievement. His success also proves that education standard of the university is quite remarkable among the universities of the world.
*UET stands fro university of engineering and technology.
*VC: Lt. General (Rtd.) Muhammad Akram Khan.
*UET has decided to put an end to engineering course in architecture and building due to very low demand in the market and the students have been given option to convert to civil engineering or architecture.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


*Notification of Walled City of Lahore Act, 2012 has been issued.
*The Authority will have jurisdiction over Andaroon Lahore. Walled city authority will also have all the powers under Local Government Ordinance.
*After this notification powers of city government, Ravi town, PHA, Lahore waste management company and so many other departments will pass to the Walled city authority.
*It will have authority over rehabilitation of historical buildings,sanitation, education, health, traffic control, transfer of property tax, map and license fee, toll tax, market and shops tax, outdoor advertisement, conversion fee etc.
*It will have authority of fines and punishment un local government ordinance.
*It will have the powers to protect environment and prevent prohibited businesses.
*Chairman will be CM Punjab and vice chairman will be Chief Secretary.
*A DG will run the organization.


*Stands for Parks and Horticulture Authority.
*DG: Capt. (Rtd.)Muhammad Mehmood Ahmed.
*Director horticulture parks and horticulture authority: Asif Zaheer.
*Established in 1998.
*DG has ordered to rehabilitate pension of more than 1400 official who were earlier regularized in 2007, with back benefits since 1998.


*Set up at Rewaz Garden.
*The court decided 66 cases in Aril, 2012 and collected fine of Rs.  0.165 million during the period. The court has sent its monthly report to Lahore High Court.
*2 to 3 cases are registered every day.
*560 cases are under process in the court.
*Unfortunately the Protection Council has been unable to spread awareness among masses about the consumer court.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


SHO PS Nasirabad: Inspector Raheel Anjum.
Do-   PS Model Town: Inspector Muhammad Atiq.
Do-   PS Johar Town: Inspector Muhammad Ishtiaq.
Do-   PS Shafiq Abad: Inspector Kamran Zaman.
Do-   PS Tibi City: Inspector Mansoor Ahmed.
Do-   PS Yakki Gate: Inspector Abid Hussain.
Do-   PS Sarwar road: Sub-Inspector Arfan Saeed.
Do-   PS Iqbal Town: Inspector Aamir Sohail.
Do-   PS Gawalmandi: Inspector Molvi Abdus-Sattar

Monday, May 7, 2012


*28-04-2012: Per house sanitation fee is Rs. 300, company intends to increase it to 500.
*50 drivers as employees on Rs. 7000 per month salary.
*Working under DCO Noor-ul Amin. Officers came from Punjab government working on BPS pay structure and formally came from solid waste management department of City Government.
*Punjab government has not yet issued notification about ownership of the company. Accountant General Punjab has withheld pay of the employees of the company and asked the government to issue notification if the company is a government entity. Assistant Managers  have been paid their salaries out of 2.8 millions of sanitary tax.
*Lahore waste management company picks up about 5 thousand tons of litter. The company intends to set a electric plant run by waste to produce about 200 MW of electricity.
*Manager operations: Asif Iqbal.
*Head office: Egerton Road.
*Vehicles tracking monitoring system is installed at the head office.
*Number of employees is more than 10,000.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


*09-05-2012: Papers today- Morning shift , Physics and Health and Physical Education
                                             Evening shift, Physics, Health and Physical Education, Military and defense.
154,000 students are taking the exams. Part II exams will end on 25th May.
*Inter Part-II exams will start from May 8, 2012. Part I exams will start from 28th May.
*BISE Lahore offices will remain open tomorrow and students will be issued roll number slips.
*Main office is situated at Mozabg Road near Ganga Ram Hospital.
*Earlier the board issued roll number slips via mobile vans too.


*29 vehicles in total. Have recently been replaced with new ones.
*Emergency services training academy for rescue 1122 new appointees is situated at LOS stop at Ferozepur road near Tolinton market.
*6 telephone lines are dedicated for Rescue 1122.
*It has 14 vehicles for forefighting.
*DG Rescue: Dr. Rizwan Naseer.
*Most of the vehicles of the organization have run beyond their capacity of 100,000 kms . They have run about 150,000 kms.
*Rescue 1122 has saved about 363,000 lives in 10228 fire incidents in the last eight years.
*They are serving about 10 million people of Lahore.


*Situated at Ferozepur road.
*New MRI machine worth $2.6 million will be installed at the hospital and this installation will take one year from now. Old machine is out of order since long.
*It has been learnt that only six to eight operations of children with heart diseases are being conducted per week while the queue of patients is very very long everyday. A lot of children die while waiting for their turn.
*Medical Director: Dr. Ahsan Waheed Rathor.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


*One passport office is at Garden Town.Two assistant directors are appointed at garden town office , one is Mr. Shahid Iqbal transferred here in the second last week of april,2012.
*Second passport office is at Abbot Road, one assistant director is posted there.
*There is a lot of agents outside these offices; some people say clerks get bribes amounting to Rs. 800 or more through them.
*People are teased for petty things, like two addresses on ID cards, for bribe.
*No toilet facility or drinking water is available at Abbot road office. Overcharging at parking stand outside the office has also not been noticed yet by the administration .
*People are facing a lot of difficulties to get passport as Nadra is busy preparing voter lists.