Monday, May 7, 2012


*28-04-2012: Per house sanitation fee is Rs. 300, company intends to increase it to 500.
*50 drivers as employees on Rs. 7000 per month salary.
*Working under DCO Noor-ul Amin. Officers came from Punjab government working on BPS pay structure and formally came from solid waste management department of City Government.
*Punjab government has not yet issued notification about ownership of the company. Accountant General Punjab has withheld pay of the employees of the company and asked the government to issue notification if the company is a government entity. Assistant Managers  have been paid their salaries out of 2.8 millions of sanitary tax.
*Lahore waste management company picks up about 5 thousand tons of litter. The company intends to set a electric plant run by waste to produce about 200 MW of electricity.
*Manager operations: Asif Iqbal.
*Head office: Egerton Road.
*Vehicles tracking monitoring system is installed at the head office.
*Number of employees is more than 10,000.

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