Monday, May 14, 2012


*Umar Atta Bandyal is currently the chief justice of LHC.
*Chief justice Lahore High Court : Sheikh Azmat Saeed. He has given his willingness to be appointed as judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Justice Umar Atta Bandyal will be the next chief justice of High Court.
*15-05-2012:  69631 cases are pending before LHC and among these 27828 are writ petitions while intra-court appeals are 942. 3486 are tax review cases while criminal cases are 11254.
*2116 contempt of court cases are also pending.
*13-05-2012:Five new judges have been made permanent and have taken oath.. These include Justice Altaf Ibrahim Qureshi, Justice Abdul-Satar Asghar, Justice Mehmood Maqbool Bajwa, Justice Ameen-ud-Din Khan, Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti. After including these five now the number of permanent judges have reached 28.
*14-05-2012: Six judges among those who took oath 15 days ago have been posted at Multan while on at Rawalpindi bench. Those who have been posted at Multan include; Justice Sheikh Najmul Hassan, Justice Farukh Arfan Khan, Justice Mazhar Iqbal Sidhu, Justice Kazin Raza Shamsi, Justice Abdus-Sameeh Khan and Justice Shahid Waheed.
*Additional registrar LHC: Arshad Ahmed Rana.
*Court building is situated at GPO chowk at Mall Road


  1. Can anybody tell the fee to file writ petition.