Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bramdagh Bugti , asylum vs extradition

Bramdagh Bugti head of  Baloch Republican Party (BRA) chief and grandson son of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti wants asylum in Switzerland. Govt of Pakistan  has asked the Swiss govt to reject the plea for political asylum made by him as he heads an outlawed Baloch rebel group, and extradite him to Pakistan.
The authorities have yet to hear from Berne about their request, but they say the initial response of the Swiss government was that of consideration.
He is 30 years old now and heads the separatist BRA and its militant wing, the Baloch Republican Army. He has been accused of attacks against settlers belonging to other communities in Balochistan, government installations and armed forces of the country.
The ‘proofs’ of his involvement in subversive activities have also been handed over to the Swiss authorities, an official added but when he was questioned by Swiss authorities he denied all allegations, a Western diplomat told and added that he was facing threats to his life in Pakistan because of his “support for the freedom of Balochistan , therefore he wants asylum”.
He is the second rebel leader whose asylum has been officially opposed by the govt. Pakistan had previously tried to block Hyrbyair Marri’s application for asylum in the UK but he succeeded in getting it this year 2011 after being initially rejected by Britian.
Bugti has been on the run since 2006 and initially took refuge in Afghanistan, where he stayed for almost four years. His stay in there sparked a diplomatic row between the two countries and Pakistan had been demanding his handover.
 UNHCR is also believed to have played an active role in facilitating his transfer to Switzerland via UAE.
According to a Pakistani security official Bugti traveled to Geneva on an Indian passport. The claim could, however, not be verified independently. Pakistan security agencies have long accused India of sponsoring his terrorist activities.

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