Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Senate Elections in Pakistan , March 2012

The upper house of the Parliament in Pakistan is called Senate. The senators are elected for six years term and every three years half get retired and new ones elected , therefore Senate is a permanent body. Every bill must have to be passed by Senate to become law except the money bill and the budget. The importance of the Senate is that it gives equal representation to all federating units. 
 The next senate elections will be held in March, 2012. Dr Tahir  Javed, whose ‘advice’ to Punjab Chief Minister to dissolve the provincial legislature was the hottest subject of discussions during the past 24 hours, says he had not taken his Unification Bloc or the PML-N leadership into confidence. 
His suggestion has infuriarated PPP leadership who is hoping a good victory in next senate elections because if Punjab assembly is dissolved then Senate election can not be held for the time being .
Election for senate will be held on 2nd March,2012 for 54 vacant seats.
Total senate seats          104
For each province            17
For federal capital           02
For minorities                  04