Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gas production

Natural gas has become the topic of the day as it has also become a scarce commodity now. We are witnessing strong agitation against cut in gas supply. Reason behind its load shedding is demand and supply gap which has worsened due to ill planning , inefficiency and corruption of the present government. 

Production of gas in Pakistan is 4 billion cubic feet per day and the demand is about 6 billion cubic feet.
There is shortfall of about 2 billion cubic feet per day. This gap will remain in the winter due to higher demand but it will also continue ahead as demand for energy is always increasing. There is almost no project in pipeline except a few smaller ones by OGDC, PPL, POL, MARI GAS and MOL by about 200 million cubic feet at maximum in 2012.

I am unable to understand that govt can get gas from Qatar very easily and it can made available in a period of less than a year but so serious effort has been made so far by the govt in the last four years of tenure.
Similarly Pak Iran gas pipeline which is half built on the Iranian side is not being pursued due to American pressure and the govt is not bold enough to face any pressure while no serious effort again has been made on Pak Turkmenistan gas pipeline.

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