Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pakistan passport fee

Fee structure for those who want to get new Pakistani passport and to renew their existing passport
Directorate General of Immigration and passport,
Ministry of Interior,
Govt. of Pakistan.

          72 pages             Rs. 5500
          100 pages           Rs .12000
          Renewal fee        Rs. 400
          Renewal urgent   Rs. 800

Policy of Directorate
Machine Readable Passport System is replacing the existing manual system . Every Citizen of Pakistan will have the relevant passport for traveling abroad.

Process for the applicant
The applicant will go through the following stages at Regional Passport Office (RPO) in order to get the Machine Readalbe Passport (MRP): 
  • Arrival of Applicant at Customer Service Counter at RPO.
  • Token Counter.
  • Biometric Data Capture.
  • Photograph Capture.
  • Data Entry.
  • Verification as per Office Record.
  • Interview and Decision by Assistant Director.
  • Collection of Passport.


  1. my pasport has been expired on may 2012, I just want renew my pasport, but i ask that what i will pay????
    full fee with renew charges or only renew charges???
    please reply any body

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  9. yar what is the charges of passport renewal currently in pakistan? my passport has been expired. plz guide if anyone is available....

    1. A.o.A. bhai m ap ko kl bta dnda

  10. pasport can be renew before the expire date please tell me anyone????

  11. i am mohammad dastageer my passport was issued 2003 and expired in 2008
    i wanted to travel out of pakistan
    how much fees i have to pay and how much time it will take on urgent basis

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  13. Respected sir, my passport will expire in April 2015. So i want to renew passport in October 2015. Is this possible.
    Please response to me

    1. Aslam o Alikum sir my passport will expire in may 2015. Sir i want to renew passport in this month October 2014. Is this possible?

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  15. asslam o alikum
    sir ..i want to know about fee of new pasport and wich document iz necessry for new pasport