Monday, December 19, 2011

Sugarcane production in Pakistan

Pakistan Sugar Mills Assosiation Central Chairman Muhammad Javed Kiayani, said "sugarcane production is expected to be around 55 million tons and production of sugar is forecast to be around 5.05 million tons" . “With a carry-over stock and after meeting the local  requirement of the country of 4.21 million tons, there would still be a surplus sugar of over 1 million tons in the country and it is necessary to dispose it off in order to make payments to the growers in need immediately. We have around 0.8 million tons of sugar surplus also in the next season,” he said .
Mr. Kiyani urged the federal govt to timely purchase the 0.20  million stock of cane  and if the government does not intend to buy  from the millers, they should be allowed to export the surplus which is their legitimate right without which the growers would be deprived of their payments. He said that the government has to take such a decision, which does not kill the local industry and make them defaulters of the banks. Besides, the govt should also keep in mind that the million of growers, who rely on sugarcane crop, would also suffer due to the illogical ban on surplus sugar export. According to him, at present there is no level-playing field for the industry because the government has imposed restriction on the export of sugar and the industry is not in a position to continue its operations.