Tuesday, April 24, 2012


*The biggest graveyard of the city.
*The biggest graveyard of the country after Thatta.
*Consist of 1264 kanals and divided into eight sections.
*Janazghah, funeral prayer ground is situated on Lytton road.
*Situated between Chouburgi, Samanabad and Mozag.
*Named after after a wali Hazarat Tahir Bandagi. This land was gifted to him and he became to be known as Miani Sahib and he devoted it for graveyard.
*A village named Miani was at this site during Mughal era.
*Came in being in the reign of Shahab ud din Ghouri.
*Ghazi Ilm Din Shaheed id buried here.
*There are several graves soldiers of Ahmed Shah Abdali.
*Grave of brave Major Hafiz Atiq Ahmed, go martyred in operation Rah-e-Rast, Swat.
*Grave of Sheed-e-Awal of Pakistan movement.Quaid-e-Azam once visited his grave and offered prayers.
*Grave of great urdu poet Saghar Siddiqui.
*Fee structure:
Registeration fee,   
Kacha khata Rs. 100,                    Paka khata Rs. 1000 .
Dome fee Rs. 100,000
Fee permanent cemented grave  Rs.  20,000  , 2*3*6
Fee concrete roof flat that can be lifted  Rs. 25,000  , 7*4
Fee fibre/tin roof  Rs. 20,000  , 7*4
Undertaker fee, kacha khata Rs.  1500 , Paka khata Rs. 4500
Grave maintainance fee , Rs. 3000
Fee Mud-brick grave Rs. 1000
Graveyard wall repair fee Rs. 1000
*Funds of Rs. 100 million at hands but not being utilized to overcome problems at the graveyard. Commissioner Lahore showed his resentment at the management.
*Grave of brave soldier Maj Shabir Sharif (Nishan e Haider) is also at the graveyard.

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