Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Qadirpur gas field

 As a result of installation of compressors at Qadirpur gas field , the production  has been increased by around 100 mmcfd and the production has now reached 550 mmcfd. 

The production increase clearly indicates the compressors are upto the mark. The project was undertaken strictly in accordance with OGDCL Procurement Rules and Policy.

The performance test of the compressors was to be carried out in March 2011, but due to acute energy crisis was postponed to June  and subsequently it was carried out in September . The test has been successfully carried out and major concerns have been addressed. The correspondent has relied on an initial/interim report, the findings/recommendations of which are being implemented. 

As regards to the award of contract, it is clarified that a study for reservoir assessment was carried, which was based on reservoir productivity which declared the reservoir would start normal depletion from the year 2008. As per their recommendation, some new wells were to be added and compression facilities should be installed. 

OGDC started its working to pre-qualify a consultant. ILF of Germany was awarded the job of consultancy and project management and site supervision contract and after data input and validation of the data, the same was conveyed to 27 world renowned companies. Accordingly CPECC of China were adjudged to be the financially lowest evaluated bidder. The contract was awarded to CPECC for detail engineering, procurement, installation, erection alongwith commissioning at a total cost of $144 millions.

The current addition of gas from Qadirpur gas field will help alleviate energy crisis but to a very low level. 

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