Friday, April 27, 2012


*A company owned by Govt of Punjab .
*Chairman of the company is CM Punjab.
*Run by a CEO through board of directors.
* Constructed Lahore Meat Complex Shahpur Kanjaran ,latest slaughter house.
*CEO Dr. Hamid Jalil resigned on 21st April,2012 after CM showed displeasure over his performance/corruption charges. Charge is now assumed by secretary livestock.
*3.5 million animals per annum are planned to be slaughtered in the latest slaughter house and a big portion may be exported as Halal meat as its market is very huge and untapped. This will earn valuable foreign exchange for the country besides providing earning opportunities for rural folk.
*Punjab government also plans to set up a meat technology institute in collaboration with University of veterinary and animal sciences.
*26-04-2012: Govt of Punjab has decided to separate Meat company and PAMCO today.
*Bakar Mandi at Shahpur Kanjaran to TMA Iqbal Town will not be shifted as local government contract rules do not allow, DCO said.
*Registered beef butchers will get concession of 25% in slaughtering fee. Their fee will be Rs. 375 and for non-registered and out of city butchers it will be Rs.500 per animal.
*As per master plan land measuring around 716 kanals was tranferred to the company, meat complex was built on 280 kanals while remaining land measuring 438 kanals is lying vacant.


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