Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Liquid phosphate fertilizer gives higher yield

 Use of liquid phosphate fertilizer is far more better for getting significantly higher yield from the fields, said Punjab Agriculture Research Board (PARB)  on Monday.

The quantity of rock phosphate mined for fertilizer manufacture has been five to six times more than an amount of phosphate actually consumed by crops. The loss of this precious phosphate resource reflects inefficiency of farming system to get maximum benefits of using this very necessary fertiliser.

Field soils in Pakistan plains are mostly alkaline calcareous and retain approximately 80% of applied phosphate fertiliser in forms which are generally unavailable for subsequent crops, PARB further added.

The sustainable supply of phosphate fertilisers is indispensable to meet the increasing global demand for food. 

Since phosphate fertilizers are very expensive and almost 2.5 to 3 times the price of urea, therefore, improving its efficiency is of utmost importance. The efficiency of fertiliser-phosphate recovery depends on the selection of an appropriate phosphate source and adoption of wise application methodology for various crops under different soil environments. Fluid phosphate fertilizer is a good option.

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