Friday, November 25, 2011

Wheat support price in Pakistan

The PPP-led federal government, which has once again increased the wheat support price by Rs 100 per maund, has not taken into account the implications it could have on the common man , especially the poor people, besides ignoring the fact that the price of wheat is already very high in Pakistan compared with the rest of the world including the regional countries, experts said. Wheat flour price in Pakistan is around Rs 35 per kg.
Wheat support price is now Rs 1050 per maund and before this increase it was 950.
The wheat support price hike will compensate the huge  increase in urea price but they said, will not benefit the 70% small farmers, as they don’t have lands and even if they have, this increase will be meaningless for them because they have very limited farmland therefore, the higher wheat prices will definitely benefit only the feudal lords( the political elite in the higher corridors of power), who have hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in their possession. 

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