Saturday, November 26, 2011

i-ELOOP , intelligent energy loop

 Mazda Motor Corp. Japan has said on this Friday it has developed a way to improve the fuel economy(saving) of passenger cars by as much as 10% by using capacitors instead of batteries to capture energy(kinetic) lost during braking, which it said is a world first to use this technology in the world.
It will introduce the system, which it calls "intelligent energy loop" or "i-ELOOP", in its vehicles starting next year, 2012.
Mazda is working to boost the efficiency of gasoline(petrol) and diesel engine vehicles without the use of expensive hybrid systems that require electric motors and a separate battery to store energy  which is expensive as well.
The new braking system would boost mileage by above 5%  under Japan's official standards, but double that in real-world driving with frequent braking, frequent braking is more prevalent in developing countries, when air-conditioning and other electronic devices such as audio systems are used, a spokesman of the company said.
The automaker said its capacitor can be fully charged just in seconds by capturing kinetic energy released during braking, while it can also discharge electricity faster than existing batteries. Capacitors are also more resistant to deterioration through their prolonged use, it further added.
It is hoped that this technology will give Mazda an edge over other automakers and will boost its sales a lot.

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