Friday, May 27, 2011

Generator prices soar by about 25percent

The domestic generators’ prices have increased manifold after continuous loadshedding and hot summer season. The domestic generators prices have increased about 25 per cent as compared to last year.
According to a survey of Brandreth Road, the wholesale market of generators, industrial and agricultural machinery in city, there were a large range of generators for customers. The mostly generators available in market are China made while Japan made generators are also being sold but their demand was very low due to high prices.
The different kinds of China-made power generators and their prices were as under: 500 watt Rs 7000, 2000 watt aluminium made Rs 20,000, copper made Rs 28,000, 2500 watt Rs 30,000, 5 Kilo Watt Rs 45,000 and 6 Kilo Watt Rs 50,000.