Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BOL movie released in Pakistani cinemas,a film much awaited,sets new records

A bold effort Bol movie attacks some social,religious and cultural issues of Pakistani society which needs to be eliminated and there must be efforts for social change for the betterment of society.
Now we can say proudly we are not behind Indian bollywood and actors of India, thumbs up for Shoaib Mansoor.
One spectator commented,awesum! keeep it up PAKISTAN! NATION IS ALONG U!
This efforts of Shoaib is being highly appreciated by the spectators.
This is Atif Aslam's Debut movie and Humaima Malick, has been picked for the big screen for the first time as well.
Is was much-awaited social drama film.
Shoaib presented the society and its evils as it is without any exaggeration or camouflage,the real thinking, jargon and style of the different segments of the society are depicted in true colours.
Those who want to watch BOL for free or download online will have to wait for some time.
‘Bol’ movie released under the banner of Geo Films has established new success records, it has even set a new business record at the box office. It has become the film earning the highest revenue in the first week of release, beating all previous records.
Shah Rukh Khan’s film “My Name Is Khan” had done business of Rs21.658m in a week, whereas ‘Bol’ has done business of Rs22.038m in just 6 days. It is expected that when record of the full week is available, this film will make a gross revenue of Rs25m setting up new record.