Friday, June 17, 2011

Peshawar waits for modern scanner to be installed to help avert terror incidents

KPK govt allocated of Rs 18.4 billion for law and order in the 2011-12 budget but the much-awaited explosive detectors have still not been provided to the terrorism and militancy-plagued Khyber Pakhtunkhwa though the Chinese government has already provided it through soft loan of $ 2.96 million in July 2009.
Though these modern gadgets have already been installed in Islamabad and in Swat too during military operation of 2009 but it is not known yet that why these scanners have not been installed at important entry points of Peshawar especially the routes from Darra Adam Khail and Khyber Agency.
As terror attacks are common in the provincial capital, comprehensive security measures are the need of the hour as the residents of Peshawar are no more ready to see their nears and dears in this blood bath frequently.
To tackle the menace of terrorism, both the provincial and Federal govts should take preventive measures and identify the roots through which the high quality explosives are being supplied to the heart of the provincial capital city.