Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More than 80 percent Population of North and South Waziristan Suffer from psychological disorders

More than 80% people of South and North Waziristan agencies of tribal areas have been affected with mental disorders while 60% residents of Peshawar are about to become psychological patients if these problems are notsolved immediately.A survey conducted by an NGO, Horizon reveals this alarming situation.

Conducted under the supervision of renowned psychologist Dr Khalid Mufti, the survey brought forward that seven to nine per cent children became victims of phobia owing to consistent telecast of terrorism related scenes by TV channels.

Very high inflation, energy crisis, lawlessness and untidiness had also made many people mentally retarded, it revealed.

It will be very difficult to save future of our youth if the existing situation remained unchanged, he said. He requested the TV channels to avoid telecasting footages of terrorism related incidents in order to to improve mental health of people and children exposed to phobia and other disorders.

He also emphasized the need for creating jobs and recreational activities to improve lives of people in troubled areas, Dr Mufti said that owing to economic disparity, torture and domestic disputes, people of the affected areas were inclining to use of narcotics and other destructive and illegal drugs and unfair means.