Friday, June 24, 2011

NADRA asks all Pakistani citizens to get their expired CNICs renewed immediately

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has asked all citizens of Pakistan to get their expired computerized national identity cards (CNICs) renewed immediately to avoid any inconvenience in legal, financial and other matters where a valid CNIC is compulsory, a statement issued by NADRA Punjab Lahore Region General Manager(GM) Col (r) M Iqbal said on Thursday.

Col (r) Iqbal said that More than nine million computerized NICs had expired till date. “Renewal has become necessary to avoid any inconvenience,” he asserted. “The expired cards are automatically blocked by the system and cannot be used for any transactions relating to the purchase, sale or transfer of property, opening or operation of bank accounts, foreign travel and many other activities that require identification of an individual, require possession of a valid CNIC,” he said and added, “Moreover, machine readable passport could not be got or processed due to expired computerized CNICs.”

He also said after expiry of the CNICs, the cardholders would not be able to avail any facility that required irrevocable proof of his identification.

He further added that NADRA had instructed all its centers and staff across the region to facilitate applicants visiting the NADRA offices for renewal, while NADRA would accommodate applications even ninety days before the expiry date of such cards.

He made it clear that no documentary proof, except original CNIC with expiry date, was required from the applicant who would apply for renewal of the card. No attestation is required for renewal cases.

He said that an applicant was issued CNIC with his/her latest information and extended expiry date. “If an applicant gets his/her CNIC renewed at an age of 56, his/her CNIC will be declared valid for the life time.