Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nawaz asks military to change mindset

Nawaz Sharif has vowed never to allow any institution to become a sacred cow and be above the law.

“There is no sacred cow in the country and none should try to become a sacred cow as we won’t allow such an attempt,” he told a reference meeting held here on Friday for journalist Salim Shehzad who has been murdered in mysterious

Without naming the army but leaving no doubt which institution he was talking about, he said (they) would have to change their mindset.

If the army wants not to be criticised it will have to remove the causes of criticism.

“End your domination of foreign policy if you wish the criticism to end. Our relations should be with the Afghan people and not with a single party. There should be no parallel government in the country.”

He said the Kashmir cause had been damaged most by ‘our own institutions’, adding that keeping the national interest in mind he could not go into details.

He also said that he was not against any institution, but the army was under the domination of a handful of people with a specific mindset.

He said there was nothing wrong in calling for a discussion on defence budget in parliament.“What is wrong with this demand?"