Thursday, June 30, 2011

KESC relaunces VSS scheme for non-core workers

The VSS scheme has been offered again to non-core workers.Such a scheme was earlier rejected when it was launched in December last year.
On the expiry of the date of that offer the Abraj-led management terminated the services of more that 4,000 workers that ignited a severe agitation by workers. The workers said that they were demanding the reversal of the said decision.
The KESC management in a statement issued here said that it designed the scheme keeping in mind the maximum monetary benefits that could be extended to the respective non-core workers, not only considering the market trend, but also considering best practices for such offers.
The KESC said that scheme carried “very attractive benefits” considering the average monthly salaries of non-core workers who were offered this package.
“The KESC is offering this scheme one last time so that those who could not benefit from it last time, can avail themselves of this opportunity,” the management told.

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