Monday, June 20, 2011

Pakistan can produce very cheap electricity from Thar coal reserves,Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand says

The renowned scientist of Pakistan atomic energy commission Dr Samar Mumbarkmand on Saturday said the country had the third biggest coal reserves in the world which could be utilized for producing cheap electricity.
He also said that scientists were working on the Thar-Coal project to meet the growing demand of the electricity in the country. The estimated cost of the current project is 115 million dollars, he said.
This Thar-Coal project will yield 100 Mega Watt (MW) electricity, he added.
He said that 40% electricity in the world is generated through coal.
Dr.Samar Mumbarakmand said besides producing of cheaper electricity, hundred million barrel diesel and gas could be produced through Thar-coal which would be sufficient for thirty years time.
Thar-coal field has enough reserves for 500 years, he added.