Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia demands 20,000 skilled labour

Pakistan Investors Forum in KSA has demanded 20,000 skilled labour force from NAVTEC.
A five-member delegation of Pakistan Investors Forum in KSA led by Minister of Trade of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) Hajab Gul called on the Chairman NAVTEC Muhammad Mumtaz Akhtar Kahloon on Saturday in his office and discussed about provision of skilled labour.
GM of the Saudi Arabia’s internationally renowned construction company Bin Laden Sajjad Anwar demanded 10,000 carpenters and 10,000 masons to NAVTEC during the meeting.
Moreover, CEO of Bin Laden Group Muhammad Yousaf Ibrahim demanded 100 pre-casting workers for his company and another 100 skilled workers for his five-star hotel in Jeddah. Skilled labour has also been demanded for Fibre Optics and Medium Voltage.
Chairman of NAVTEC Muhammad Mumtaz Akhtar Kahloon, while welcoming the delegation in his office called on the delegation members to pursue Pakistan Executive Forum and Pakistan Engineering Forum in KSA for placing maximum demand for Pakistani skilled labour of different sectors. He assured the delegation that NAVTEC would get prepared skilled manpower from Pakistan’s vocational and technical institutions according to their required standardised curricula and demand.
Export of more than 20,000 skilled labour force to the kingdom would be a model project for the NAVTEC. “After this successful project, Pakistan would export skilled manpower to other Gulf, European, North/South American and African countries according to their required standardised certification and curricula,” he added.