Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pakistan seems unprepared if there is any flood again

Pakistan seems unprepared for floods this year as well which a U.N. official said could affect up to five million people in a worse-case scenario.
While a repeat of last year's severe deluge is unlikely, even smaller floods could cause millions in damages, set back reconstruction efforts and further unsettle the govt, already wracked by a shaky relationship with the US, a stagnant economy, a deadly Taliban and other militant extremists' insurgency and tense relations with its neighbors.
All along the Indus, dikes and embankments are incomplete, while international donations for preparedness have fallen short. Sindh province one of last year's most hard-hit provinces, is especially vulnerable to new flooding.
A visit by a Reuters correspondent in rural Sindh revealed that most preparations the govt says are complete still need weeks of work -- and the rains have already begun.

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