Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Haleema Bhutto at last got justice,Supreme Court issues orders

Supreme Court of Pakistan has decided the case of Haleema Bhutto from district Ghotki whose land has been grabbed by his husband illegally by labeling a false blame on her of adultery.She was declared "Kari" by the "Panchayat" just in order to grab her land.Karo kari is quite common in Sindh and often used for ulterior motives.SC decided the case in her favor and ordered the police to give her full protection and get her land back to her.She waited for justice spending one and a half years on footpath of Islamabad protesting against the cruelty and injustice meted out to her.However she is apprehensive to go to her home as she does not rightly trust the police as police in Pakistan is corrupt to the utmost.She still needs support of the people , civil society , media and the judiciary.SUPPORT HER AND FOLLOW THE CASE.

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