Monday, June 27, 2011

Use of mineral water is increasing rapidly in Pakistan

Growth of 15% as compared to last year has been witnessed in Pakistan in the use of mineral water which now stand around 1.1 billion litres per year since contaminated water persistently coming out of governmental run water pipelines.
The demand of mineral water, supplied in plastic bottle, has been found increasing in recent years as earlier urban middle class of the society wanted to avoid water-born diseases. But now the use of bottle water has become status symbol also in society and most of people especially ladies usually carry plastic mineral water bottles with them while going to shopping or somewhere else outside. The trend of carrying mineral bottles is not only healthy improvement in lifestyle but also it keeps people away from doctors.
This proves also healthy for the traders and active businessmen because, after foreseeing the market demand, they have started mineral water business within last4 years as just 5 years back the mineral water market was hardly 25% of the current level of 1.1 billion litres per year.