Monday, June 13, 2011

Low conviction rate of the terrorists,military seems disturbed

Pakistan military hi-ups have expressed serious concern over what they call dismally low rate of terrorists’ conviction by courts throughout the country and have asked the government to see if some necessary changes could be made in the laws.

At a recent meeting between top civilian and military bosses, the sources said, the issue of increasing number of terrorists securing easy acquittals from courts, mainly in the absence of adequate evidence, came up and it was decided to have a complete review of the law of evidence.

It has been decided to review all laws relating to handling of terrorists, in particular the law of evidence should be carefully studied and loopholes be identified for amendment or where there was a need for addition or a new law, the matter must be decided on a priority basis by the ministry of law.

The military, the sources said, was particularly worried about the terrorists who had been arrested since the launch of army operations in Malakand division and FATA, but eventually acquitted by courts due to bad prosecution by the police.