Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plan to fence and mine Pak Afghan border by Pakistani authorities

Pak govt is seriously thinking to ‘fence and mine’ some important parts of the Pak-Afghan border area,as incursions and intrusions by militant extremists from the Afghan side into Bajaur, Upper Dir and Mohmand tribal regions has increased many times.

This plan has been there for quite some time and specific details were also worked out by the security forces, but it was put on hold due to opposition from Afghan govt. However, very recent incursions from across the Durand Line have made the security establishment to consider reviving the project.

Heavily armed militants have crossed into Pakistan’s border more than 4 times in less than 25 days and clashed with Pakistan’s border forces.

In a recent attack by militants in Mohmand Agency this month, the Pakistan Air Force(PAF) had to be called in to recapture a post.

The clash led to the death of twentyfive militants while several Frontier Corps personnels were injured.The military is concerned over the increasing infiltration across the border.