Friday, August 5, 2011

Arrested terrorists to be presented before media: Rahman Malik

Interior minister Rahman Malik has promised to present the terrorists and miscreants arrested by the police in Karachi before the media. It will be a good step to alleviate the allegations and suspicion  of the people and MQM that the PPP government is itself involved in instigating violence and that miscreants are supported by the govt itself.
Earlier Farooq Sattar of MQM presented a list of 100 miscreants in the national assembly . MQM is openly blaming the govt for violence and terror being perpetrated in Karachi. They think that the govt is punishing them and also to blackmail them as they had left the government weeks back. All the stake holder parties in  Karachi are blaming each other for this spell of violence as it seems political motivated.
In such a scenario it is good omen that the miscreants be brought to the media and made public so that people should come to know who is actually behind this mess in Karachi.

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