Thursday, August 11, 2011

Livestock production of Pakistan 2011-12 , poultry, eggs,milk, beef, mutton and fish

 FBS said that the livestock production during the current fiscal year of 2011-12 is targeted to grow by about 4% percent to 3.05 million tonnes over  last fiscal year 10-11 of 2.93 millions.

 Federal Bureau of Statistics Pakistan estimates, the production of beef would grow from 1.62 million tonne last year to 1.69 million tonne this year,  a rise of 4%.

The production of mutton would increase by 3.9%, by growing form 0.58 million tonnes in 2010-11 to 608 million tonnes in fiscal 2011-12. 

Poultry meat production would grow from 0.73 million tonnes during last fiscal year to 0.76 million tonnes this year, showing an increase of about 4%. 

The overall milk production during the period under review is also targeted to reach at 45.87 million tonnes against the production of 44.12 million tonnes last year, showing an increase of nearly 4 percent.

The production of eggs is expected to grow by 3.97 percent  from 11.383 million eggs to 12.308 million.

The fish production is expected  increase from 0.94 million tonnes last year to 0.95 million tonnes, showing an increase of 2 %. 

In aggregate total livestock  is projected to increase by about 4% in the current fiscal year.

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