Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paniwala Talaab , The tank of Lakhpat Rai Lahore

It is situated along Queen’s (now Fatima Jinnah) and Waris roads near Mozang Chowk ,Lahore.It's a 17th century heritage site which has now been  turned into a solid waste dump by the general public because there is no proper dumping facility available for the dwellers.It is mostly covered with bushes and weeds.
The tank of Lakhpat Rai, known as Paniwala Talaab, was a square masonry site measuring about 450 feet in width and length, with a baradari (summer house) to the east side of it.

Lakhpat Rai was a scion of Khatri family of Kalanaur, Gurdaspur in the Indian Punjab. He served as diwan i-e revenue minister of the government at Lahore under two successive Mughal viceroys, Zakariya Khan (1726-45) and Yahiya Khan (1745-47) during the reign of famous Emperor Mohammad 
Shah .
Ahmad Shah Durrani also made him his diwan in the area during his brief reign (January 1748) in Lahore, writes an historian Mr. SM Lateef in his book on Lahore.

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