Thursday, August 4, 2011

US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter says Balochistan was very inportant for America

US ambassador was speaking to Speaker Balochistan Assembly Mohammad Aslam Bhootani in Quetta in which he said that Baluchistan province is very important for them . Cameron further said that US  is in favour of democracy in Pakistan.Earlier on Wednesday he announced Rs 8.6 million for the construction of two houses in the SoS village in Quetta which has been appreciated by all .
Baluchistan is important for US but for very different reasons firstly its borders are shared  on one side with Afghanistan's Pakhtun region which is predominantly a hub of Taliban and secondly with Iran, a strong opponent of US ,where a lot baluch people live . Thirdly US think that Talibans and Al-Qaeda may be there or trying to get hold there. They suspect that there may be Quetta Shura like thing or may be Mulla Omer could be found there but no body knows whether these propositions are true or not. Americans want strong presence there to keep an eye on both the sides therefore they are often found visiting there and developing relation with locals.It has therefore of great geopolitical importance for US . 

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