Thursday, August 11, 2011

iphone price in Pakistan

Apple products i phones are famous all over the world for their quality, style and features but the prices of them are not cheap. This is also one reason that they are status symbol. The price list in rupees is as follows.
iphone 4 16GB FU
Rs. 60,000

iphone 4 16GB SU
Rs. 55,000

iPhone 3GS 32GB
Rs. 50,000

iphone 3G 16GB
Rs. 45,000

iphone 3G 8GB
Rs. 40,000

I phone that is china made is also sold in Pakistan but its quality is low as compared to original but rate / price is very inexpensive. 
Apple cell phones have good resale value and market here in big cities especially Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Apple mobile phones are trend setter in the country because of their wonderful apps , music ,games , surfing ,writing and storage.

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