Friday, August 5, 2011

Yahoo male

It's very interesting that a friend of mine who is very new to computers and internet use to ask me very very basic things about computers and internet. When I started to make him  learn computer basics he did not  even knew how to turn it on. Apart from this he is also not very well educated. He is under matric and lives in a remote area of interior Sindh.
A day before yesterday he asked me to tell him the name of the site where he could make his mail account. I told him about yahoo mail website address . One day before I had told him where and how to write a website address and also how to open it. As he was not well educated especially in English , he wrote the spellings of mail as male in the address bar. He attempted to open it several times but failed. I was sitting a bit away from him and  computer screen was not visible to me. When after some time I felt that he seemed worried and disturbed but he did not tell me about this problem due to some sense of shame. When I noticed his mistake  I first laughed then I told him that he had written the word mail wrongly as male. He smiled back and the problem was over.

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