Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bhuddist stupa and monastery Chiniot Punjab Pakistan , Relics found.

 Remains of a fourth century AD Buddhist stupa and monastery have been found on the foothills of Chiniot, Punjab archaeology department officials revealed recently. It's important new discovery.
The deptt says that the  area where these archeological ruins are found was also known as “Punj Peer”.
Some graves, walls of rooms, meditation cells built with stones, terracotta bricks, animal bones, and pottery has been found at the surface of this  site.
These remains, scattered over about nine acres, were discovered by a Chiniot-based NGO, Lok Baithak, the officials said. It has also handed over a gold coin, said to be of late Kushana King 2nd’s period, to the department to put it on display in the museum for general public. It was found from a mound in the recently discovered area. The officials are of the view that the site may be the ruins of the lost OJAN or OJAIAN, a Buddhist university which was contemporary with Julian University, Texila, as mentioned by different historians. The relics will further help us to understand the civilization of Buddhism , its monks and the education system prevalent at that time. 

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