Sunday, August 7, 2011

Xinjiang's importance for Pakistan

It has been learnt that China is investing billions of Yuans in its western Xinjiang province to raise the GDP ratio and per capita income of the people of the province.
It has been decided by the Chinese government to make  Kashghar  an economic hub and center for regional cooperation as central government had announced tax-holiday in Kashghar. 
Chinese Xinjiang province is situated in the north of Pakistan and is adjacent to the northern areas of Pakistan. Karakorum High Way connects both the parts of the countries. Trade in going on between Pakistanis and Chinese areas for centuries.  
The plan to broaden the KKH road is underway which will help and make possible the heavy traffic on the route. This road connects to the network of roads that leads to Arabian sea warm waters. Gawadar port is also almost complete for this purpose in which Chinese govt helped Pakistan to build the port. If this plan goes on smoothly it will help Chinese western areas to develop and develop fast especially in exports arena.
This is the shortest route for the western China to reach to the areas of immense potential markets and geo-political significane and the main sea traffic route. This can also be used as an alternative route as well. Pakistan will provide this access to the China. 
In this cooperation Pakistan will earn billions of dollars on transit trade and a lot of earning potential for en route services for Pakistanis as the traffic on the route will be huge. 

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