Monday, August 15, 2011

Baloch Liberation Tigers , a new organization

 A bomb exploded in a  two-storey restaurant building in Dera Allahyar town on Sunday and killed at least 14 people and injured more than 33 .
The Baloch Liberation Tigers, a new outfit , not heard before, claimed responsibility for the bombing.
Miran Baloch, a spokesman for the organisation, told media that BLT had carried out the bombing in Dera Allahyar restaurant.
“A bomb was planted inside the two-storey building of the restaurant, which was destroyed by the powerful explosion,” police officer said.
A large number of people were sitting in two halls of the Sultan restaurant, on the Quetta-Jacobabad section of the National Highway in Dera Allahyar town, when the bomb went off , destroying the entire building and also damaging some nearby buildings.
The blast was so powerful that it rocked the entire town and its voice was heard at several kilometers away.
“Five people were killed on the spot while nine others died in the district hospital,” DPO Javed
Gharsheen told the media.

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