Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retired) Hamid Ali Mirza to procure more transparent ballot boxes

The Election Commission (EC) on Tuesday approved procurement of 100,000 transparent ballot boxes to meet the future electoral needs , if there be any.
At present EC has about 300,000 ballot boxes and as such there was no immediate requirement for more boxes but  the decision was taken at a meeting with Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retired) Hamid Ali Mirza in the chair to keep more ballot boxes in reserve to replace those not worth using and ensure availability of appropriate number of ballot boxes in case the number of polling stations was increased.
It was a welcome step firstly to replace all old ballot boxes into transparent one. That helped check bogus votes as a lot many used to blame that the non-transparent boxes were already filled with bogus votes, now that's over. Secondly bogus voter lists have also been replaced erasing the bogus voters from the lists on the directions of Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Now it is the duty of every Pakistani to vote for honest and patriotic candidates in the next elections. They should themselves ensure and help the authorities to conduct free and fair elections in which every citizen could vote without any fear and coercion .

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