Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mobile phones sales increase in Pakistan 2010-11 , amount, quantity and trends

Cell phone  Handsets are being  imported at higher volumes of various brands into Pakistan.Their prices and features have been registered at Rs 44.69 billion in the outgoing financial year ended on June 2011, up from Rs 26.4 billion import bill recorded during the same period of 2010 , said Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) in its latest release.

FBS revealed that the mobile handset sales and its imports rose substantially depicting a tremendous surge and growth of about 70% per annum in the closing fiscal year 2010-11 compared with previous fiscal.

The average monthly expense of handsets reached Rs 3.7 billion in FY 11 as compared to Rs 2.20 billion per month import bill recorded in 2010 fiscal.

Analysts said the handsets growth in sales and imports is natural, as the local demand has been growing side by side with increasing SIMs number of different cell phone operators. In addition, high priced smartphones like Apple G3 and G4 ,Samsung etc are significantly contributing towards the overall value of the import bill of the country.

Customers purchase gadgets with emerging trends, style and technology of the top brands. They replace their handsets normally in one to two years depending on brands – whether it is Chinese or others, newly introduced sets are preferred while some other people go for features that they need most.

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