Thursday, August 18, 2011

Edhi Morgue Karachi filled with dead bodies

Edhi Welfare Trust says it is receiving 30 to 40 dead bodies these days in its morgue while in normal days it is just 3 to 4 corpses . Target killing has intensified and people of Karachi are burying dozens of bodies daily and the govt seems to be compromising on taking any right action most probably due to political motives. It seems that all the political parties are involved in this carnage. The possible reason is gaining political control on the city.

Whatever the reasons may be but one thing is sure that the govt has failed to maintain law and order. MQM blames the govt for supporting the killers but PPP says it's itself target as only yesterday a former MNA of the party was shot dead.

Business community has suffered the most while the daily wage earners are unable to earn their livelihood and they go to bed hungry every other night as business activities have almost halted or decreased due to very bad law and order. KSE has declined by almost 1400 points and one of the main reasons is worse law and order.

It's very important that now Karachi be depoliticized and also be made free of weapons without any discrimination but who will do that , the police , of course not because it is itself politicized and work under the political parties which are themselves suspected and blamed by every other person. The one option left is army which i think is quite ok as army is trusted as impartial and competent to do this this job. I think decision should be made immediately before it is too late.

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