Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ayaz Palejo President of Awami Tehreek felt hurt by Altaf Statements

President of Awami Tehreek Ayaz Palejo told the press at Hyderabad press club that a wheel jam strike would be observed across the Sindh if MQM leader Altaf Hussain did not apologise for his comments. He also said that Sindh had a heritage which was 5,000 years old and no offensive comments or statements should have been made against it.
Altaf Hussain had earlier said that Mohajirs are 65 years  residents of Sindh while Sindhis are 200 years old and after 200 years they will be equal citizens of Sindh. He criticized to determine the status of a citizen on the basis of old and new and said the new will be equally old after the said period. He hinted on that the original citizens were some other people which are no longer residents of Sindh any more so every body is new and not the original resident of the land.

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