Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saima Anwar , first female lawyer from Swat

  Saima Anwar 26, began practicing law in May 2011 and she was the first lawyer from Swat who started practicing . She said it was her passion from childhood.

She is brave woman who did not give in before the hardships she had to face to complete her education. She is a hope for Pukhtoon women who are almost deprived of any legal rights and she vows to fight for this end. 

Some elements in Pukhtoon society are still old fashioned and do not understand the importance of education but their women are very talented, brave , intelligent and hardworking. They are a great asset which must be utilized for the betterment of the nation and their coming generations. They have all the abilities to support their families through thick and thin and women like Saima Anwar have proved that they are no less than anybody else. 

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