Monday, August 1, 2011

who is doing violence in Karachi?

Karachi is the most populous city of the country and its population has crossed 150 million mark and it's more than the population of a lot of countries in the world. Furthermore it's a  port city , the first and the biggest port of Pakistan . Pioneer in industrial sector since the inception of the state it has developed to be an industrial and financial hub of the country. It also remained the capital of the state for decades. It also contribute about 60% of the total revenue of the country.
Keeping in view the basic fundamentals of the city it is the most important city of the country hence stakes are very high for every stakeholder. The higher the population the more the seats in national and provincial assemblies. Every political party wants to control and get hold of the city by hook or crook. No moral and democratic values are upheld in this regard. The bigger the chunk of the control the more the political power , the more money , the more authority and the more bargaining  power  in the political arena.
Every political party that has any stake and presence in the city supports the gangsters of all kinds to keep control in their areas and encroach upon other areas, not politically and in a fair democratic manner but rather a physical control for political authority with the help of own controlled , created and supported mafias, land mafia, drug mafia, batta mafia, street criminals, kidnappers and many more. It goes on unabated and crime rate of all kinds is hte highest in teh country. It could not be checked because no one in power in interested in it as it is counter productive for their power game. The crime rate did not reduce as a result of this mean game.
Who is suffering the brunt of this political power game where rule of jungle prevails but on lips  sweet democratic and patriotic jargon is heard only, just empty words without any substance . Supporters have been armed with sophisticated weapons and the common man is at the mercy of the gangsters. Police is highly politicized there and gangsters and dacoits got free through political baking in the power corridors.

Target killing is carried out to suppress the political opponents and to make them learn a lesson for mean political ulterior motives . A lot of innocent people have been dying on daily basis. Every political party including PPP, MQM and ANP is involved in this . The call for peace falls flat on their ears. They care only for  power and the game they are playing is neither in the interests of the country nor of the citizens of the Karachi. Citizens please be aware.

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