Friday, July 22, 2011

Al-Razi Medical College Peshawar , not recognized yet by PMDC

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has warned Peshawar’s unrecognised Al-Razi Medical College against misleading people about its recognition status. 

In an advertisement, which appeared in the national press on July 14, Al-Razi claimed to be a recognised educational institution while referring to a Health Ministry notification issued shortly before the ministry’s de-centralisation.

The June 25 notification, which was withdrawn only five days after issuance reportedly at the protest of PMDC, was about recognition of Al-Razi Medical College for admission of 100 students for MBBS degree.

However, the ministry didn’t bother seeking the mandatory yes of PMDC, only which is authorised in the country to recognise medical and dental educational institutions, before the move. The college is reported to have no building of its own or an attached hospital as required under the rules for recognition.

Talking about this on  Thursday, PMDC Legal Officer Sara Rubab told that Al-Razi Medical College was not recognised under PMDC Ordinance-1962.


  1. between pmdc and al razi medical college fight what is students mestake?pmdc pannel stand on the place of student,s parents what coms in their mind and heart if there are their children?please don,t destroy students future and chose the soloution between because the day of judjement every one have to ansawer all.

  2. its the mistake of the student that they should aware themselves that in which college they are going to take admission.
    in this computerized time the student must know that where they r going to take admission.
    when students r going to take admission, first they must check the PMDC website and then they take the decision.
    Pakistan don't need such doctors,that they take self-finance seats in the private medical college and create competition (due to political and other influences) in public jobs for those doctors whose were selected on merit.

    1. Ya Its true I agree with you. Those doctors are not selected in any of the private/public medical colleges, so they took admission in such college which has no status with the council. They did't worked hard during their pre-studies, I don't think they can be good doctors. They will be just doctors by name, and will take a seat in a govt health organization which will be not fruitful for our country and our people.

      They are just super rich who wants to be doctors anyway. I advice such people to work hard if they really want to be doctors, otherwise they should choose another discipline.

      A true advice from a super_Engineer

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