Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ideal Pakistan , Quaid Ka Pakistan

It's the dream of every Pakistani to see his country an ideal Pakistan as it is almost the dream of every nation on the face of the earth.

Some of the nations strived hard for decades or even centuries to achieve it and ultimately achieved their goal. Firstly i must say that we are very impatient and want to see change over night which is not possible. But some may argue that more than 60 years have passed to see this dream come true but they must know firstly that state of Pakistan had insurmountable problems at its very beginning and secondly that 60 years is not too long a time. If we look at the history of Europe we notice that their condition were a lot adverse than us but it took them centuries to overcome these problems.

We want a Pakistan where no bomb blast take place,no child could be forced to become a suide bomber, every child could get free education, where every Pakistani should have access to good healthcare facilities, where every sect and minority could feel safe and part of this nation, where every citizen could get justice free and speedy, where police be considered friend of the public,a country without loadshedding, a country with clean drinking water for all, where no one sleeps without dinner, where there are no street children and all human rights are considered sacred by every body but we must know this will not be possible unless every Pakistani becomes determined to change and strive for this end. Let us firmly resolve to do whatever we can to achieve this end.This was the dream of the father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistan has achieved a lot in some many fields in spite of starting from scratch. We are a nuclear power now , hundreds of industries , some improvement in mechinised farming, plenty of good world standard educational institutes, some good world standard health institutes. We are also providing the world good skilled labor but dreams are very high and should be high.One of the biggest problem is one of the highest population growth rate in the world which needs to be checked immediately.

We all must not forget that every individual is important so he should play his role otherwise this dream of ideal Pakistan will not come true.

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